Thrift store clothing the new couture?

Thrift stoe
Thrift stores project the idea of aisles filled with bad 70’s clothing, old dusty furniture, random knick knacks, and a clientele full of your grandparent’s friends.

However, the past couple of years, thrift stores have seen a clientele change like no other.

Thrift stores have become the go to for fashionistas, hipsters, musicians, and others looking for unique clothing without a hefty price tag.

The National Association of Resale Professionals noted that the resale industry has grown 7% in the past two years. This includes thrift stores, consignment shops and other second hand merchandisers.

Majority of this growth is due to a new breed of thrift stores. Secondhand shops such as Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet specialize in teenage and young adult fashions released in the past two years.

Locally, Plato’s Closet owes much of it’s revenue to this wave of thrifting. We caught up with a friend of ours Meghan Mooney, our go to thrifter guru.

Photo credit- Mackelmore thrift shop

Photo credit- Mackelmore thrift shop

“I just really like the clothes, like I pay less than what I would at the mall which is great because I’m broke,” said Mooney.

As well as Plato’s Closet, there is a Goodwill and Salvation Army visited largely by college students and local youngsters.

“I like thrifting because I can get the clothes I want without giving up eating in order to go shopping. I’ve found a lot of really nice things no one would think could end up at a thrift store. I love the rush I get from finding a great bag or pair of jeans.”

With thrift stores becoming the new outlet malls, it’s becoming easier for sellers of secondhand items to make a buck off of outdated merchandise. And as thrifting continues to grow, Style Refined wonders how long it will take to infect all fashion lovers.

Check out our map below for all the locations of these great thrift stores.

Original artcle at AlbanyStyleRefined


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